Activities 2011-2012

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EUROPEAN COMPANY OF CULTURE I-30133 Venice, Giudecca 54 P (Calle Michelangelo, Hériot Villa) – Tel. 041/5230210 – Fax 041/5231033 All members, Dear members of European Société of Culture, the present circular letter is a resumption of contact that we have promised ourselves to me to address to you for several months and who is due

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Culture against fanaticisms

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Culture against fanaticisms Article published in the edition of the 20.01.13 By Élie Barnavi “Vis-a-vis ideological or religious intolerance, art is an effective rampart only if humanism is the base” Culture against fanaticisms. The historian is stripped vis-a-vis such a heading. Is this a report ? It can only be registered out of forgery. A wish ? Citizen and man

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EUROPEAN SOCIETY OF CULTURE Villa Heriot, 54 P (Zitelle), I-30133 Venice Giudecca Phone 041/5230210 fax 041/5231033 e-mail : website : Legal and international office, Presidency, secretariat General writing, administration, archives, library Founder : UMBERTO CAMPAGNOLO President : UMBERTO MARGIOTTA First Vice-president : ARRIGO LEVI Vice-Presidents : HENRI BARTOLI (France), IRING FET (Germany), BRONISLAW GEREMEK (Poland), ALEXANDER KUDRYAVTSEV (Russia), DIEGO

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Project sheet

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The French SEC and Center Constituted in Venice in 1950 by the Italian philosopher Umberto Campagnolo, the European Company of culture (S.E.C) s’occupe of the relationship between policy and culture, the central concept, food-growing policy. The SEC recognizes responsibilities ethical and political in the broad sense and endeavoured since its creation to establish top priority

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CULTURE By Henri Bartoli Extract of the foreword to the work of Dominique Leroy “Economy of arts of the live performance – Test on the relation between the economic one and esthetics” The harmattan ED., Paris 1992 The culture is not a “sector”. It is “the definition even of the man”. The culture is initially

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The culture policy

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SMALL DICTIONARY FOR THE CULTURE POLICY Extract of the small dictionary published in 1969 Author : Umberto Campagnolo 1. The lesson of SOCRATE 2. Culture Its current role. How can one define it ? Moral and social petrol of the culture. The autonomy of the culture. Historical function of the culture. 3. The culture policy What it implies. Its exemplary

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Statutes 1954

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 KV53614 Statutes of Association “French center of the European Company of Culture” Art.1.  II is formed in accordance with the provisions of the Law of July 1st, 1901 and the Decree of August 16th, 1901, a named association, “French Center of the European Company of Culture”. Art.2. The purpose of this association is : to group

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