Conference – May 2017

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Reflections on Europe Conference organized by the Dutch Center of the SEC Friday, May 26, 2017 in Berlin Entitled “Reflections on Europe”, under this very general topic, this conference comprised six talks. The two first, from an economic standpoint, related to : Social cohesion, sine qua non indispensable condition of the success of European integration. Professeur Horst

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List of french Center conferences

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EUROPEAN COMPANY OF CULTURE 30133 Venice Giudecca 54 P. tel : 041/5230210 Fax : 041/5231033 French center of the S.E.C Presidents : Henri BARTOLI |1990-2002| | 1990-1993 | 1993-1996 | 1996-1999 | 1999-2002 | Dominique LEROY |2002-2016| | 2002-2005 | 2005-2008 | 2008-2011 | 2011-2014 | 2014-2017 | CONFERENCES OF THE FRENCH CENTER (1990-2017) Room of the Council of the

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Conference – November 2016

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European Union after Brexit Conference of Jean-Dominique Guiliani November 5th, 2016 The potential effects of Brexit on the political life, economic and daily European are the object of very different judgements. Counterparts of the earthquake are to be come. On June 24th, 2016 in the United Kingdom was the point of dazzling of ignorance, misinformation

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Meeting – October 2016

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Summary of the meeting Paris Saturday, October 14, 2016 Were present : Jacqueline and Michel Potier, Dominique Leroy, Michèle Favreau, Claude Brulant, Gilberte Rabier, Ninou Garabaghi Martine and Pierre Wormus were excused. 1. Succession of Dominique Leroy to the presidency of the French Center Dominique Leroy confirms his resignation. Only one candidature for its succession was recorded, that

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