Conference – March 2013

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Emerging countries of South America : that to learn from their experiment. Summary of the conference of professor Pierre Salama March 23rd, 2013 What to learn from the emerging countries of South America, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia and Mexico ? Such is the subject of the Conference of Mr. SALAMA given on March 23rd, 2013. Emergent these countries are

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The French Centre

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History of creation and of the activities of the S.E.C Create in 1950 by the philosopher Umberto Campagnolo, the S.E.C has as an aim, by affirming the need for a food-growing policy, to consolidate the values of civilisation, to work with the intercultural dialogue, the practice of the tolerance and the peacekeeping. The S.E.C engaged

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Culture against fanaticisms

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Culture against fanaticisms Article published in the edition of the 20.01.13 By Élie Barnavi “Vis-a-vis ideological or religious intolerance, art is an effective rampart only if humanism is the base” Culture against fanaticisms. The historian is stripped vis-a-vis such a heading. Is this a report ? It can only be registered out of forgery. A wish ? Citizen and man

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Conferences – June 2012

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ECONOMIC GLOBALIZATION SPORT GENERAL SUMMARY OF the CONFERENCE OF PROFESSEUR Wladimir ANDREFF JUNE 8TH, 2012 Professeur Wladimir ANDREFF, former student of Henri BARTOLI, underline initially at which point the markets of the sport are globalized today. By order ascending of globalization, it quotes initially the individual sporting practices just as the sporting shows subjected by nature

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Project sheet

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The French SEC and Center Constituted in Venice in 1950 by the Italian philosopher Umberto Campagnolo, the European Company of culture (S.E.C) s’occupe of the relationship between policy and culture, the central concept, food-growing policy. The SEC recognizes responsibilities ethical and political in the broad sense and endeavoured since its creation to establish top priority

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Homage to Henri Bartoli

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 Homage to Henri BARTOLI Organized by the French Center of the SEC under the direction of Dominique Leroy Saturday, October 2, 2010 If the life of Henri Bartoli were a succession of multiple and concrete commitments, this “homage” intends to revivify and have intact its memory and testimonies of friends who felt through him an

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Conference – March 2010

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EUROPEAN DEFENSE AND ITS AMBIGUITIES Conference of the General Jean COT D. LEROY Second part of the conference | Questions This morning, we are pleased to again receive General COT on a proposal from Doctor TAPPREST. My General, your first intervention, which related to relations Europe-NATO, took place the 11/13/1999. Since, 10/11 years passed and I think that your position

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Meeting – December 2008

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Summary of the meeting Paris Saturday, November 22, 2008. At the conclusion of the deliberations, the attending members agreed on : Structure of the French Center the creation of a Scientific advice primarily made up of professors resulting from the University Paris I and of some other personalities. As its name indicates it this Council would

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CULTURE By Henri Bartoli Extract of the foreword to the work of Dominique Leroy “Economy of arts of the live performance – Test on the relation between the economic one and esthetics” The harmattan ED., Paris 1992 The culture is not a “sector”. It is “the definition even of the man”. The culture is initially

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