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Réunion of the enlarged bureau of the French Center of the European Company of Culture to the seat of association on February 8th, 2014

Present : BURNING HOT Claude, Michele FAVREAU, Ninou GARABAGHI, Pierre HOOK, Dominique LEROY, Suzy the SIDANER, Jacqueline and Michel POTTER, Madeleine QUERCY, Martine and Pierre VORMUS

Absent-absent person : Christine BALD, François de SIEYES, Rene LUNEAU,

The following questions are tackled :

1 – Meeting room of the conferences

Dominique LEROY summarizes the situation, namely the absence of response of the President de Paris I to his two successive letters relating to the reservation of the room of the Council. Indirectly, he learned by his secretariat that the provision of this room was withdrawn to him… What to make before being able to make a complete state of the situation, last understood ?

D. LEROY specifies that having been student of Paris 1 of 1961 until its doctorate of State, charged with TD in 1969-70, finally member of the Seminar of Economy of Travail/METIS of 1972 to 1993, it is that he sees himself proposing by Henri BARTOLI, professor and one of the founders of Paris 1, to succeed to him in 2002 in charge of the French Center of the SEC. It rises against a “decision” which puts in danger the future of the French Center, Michele FAVREAU proposes to use of its function of Senior of the Faculty of Economy, Right and Management of the University of Angers to get information. D. LEROY had already asked Pierre HOOK to use of his introductions near the Center of Economy of the Sorbonne to quérir of possible information.

Which is the current procedure of reservation of the rooms, if it is one, in Paris I ? Is it necessary to justify of an annual program to profit from a room ? D. LEROY recalls that never during the presidency of Henri BARTOLI and since it was not possible to consider an annual program, the French Center organizing conference after conference according to the occasions and the necessarily voluntary availabilities of lecturers. On a purely subsidiary basis, C. BURNING HOT proposes a room, free available but only in week, Office of the European Parliament in Paris. Other members suggest a room with the Convent of Dominican that Henri BARTOLI attended regularly.

2 – frequentation of the French Center of the SEC.

How to cure the drastic and constant absence of frequentation of the conferences ? Does this situation involve the need for revising the work methods of the Center completely ?

3 – the website of the Center

C. BURNING HOT points out how, via Mr. FAVREAU, the site was built and indicates rapidly the current requirements of management of the site to return it living and interactive. Dominique LEROY estimates inappropriate to open the site with the public as a long time as its management will be ensured with sufficient technicality and regularity.

4 – the international dimension of the SEC

a) SEC international in Venice.

D. LEROY returns to the last circular letter of Cosima CAMPAGNOLO. P. HOOK is astonished by little contents and the insufficiency of the initiatives of the international Center whereas it should be possible to find within the Italian Universities of the intellectual resources which could be implied in the work of the SEC.

The last experiment of the SEC and the value of its concepts founders remain completely valid and call only one revitalization, a reactualization (around for example of orientations as the search for an ethics of peace, non-violence, to quote only these examples, without speaking of concept of food-growing Policy which always remains of news).

In addition the probable behaviour, according to the letter of C. CAMPAGNOLO, after two years of interruption, of a Summer School next September is greeted with favour.

b) The co-operation between the Dutch and French Centers is evoked.

The operation of the Dutch Center turns around a hard core of about ten members who work regularly on a given topic (the evil, last year). It completes the drafting of a Manifesto for the European elections of next May. The question arises continuation of this co-operation and appropriateness to take as a starting point the Dutch Center and its work methods.

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