Meeting – October 2016

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Summary of the meeting

Saturday, October 14, 2016

Were present : Jacqueline and Michel Potier, Dominique Leroy, Michèle Favreau, Claude Brulant, Gilberte Rabier, Ninou Garabaghi

Martine and Pierre Wormus were excused.

1. Succession of Dominique Leroy to the presidency of the French Center

Dominique Leroy confirms his resignation. Only one candidature for its succession was recorded, that of Michèle Favreau.

Ninou Garabaghi disputes any election dice now, with the reason that the rules of the statutes of the French Center would not be complied with in particular the absence of quorum.

Decision : The members will receive a letter containing in appendix the statutes of the French Center and the report of the last general meeting of Pescia June 17th-19th, 2016. This letter will invite the members :

  • to pay their contribution for 2016 is 50 euros and to specify their address email
  • after reading of the Statutes of the French Center annexed, to come to a conclusion about the candidature of Michèle Favreau and those of other candidates for the position of president of the Center
  • to come to a conclusion about the proposals for an amendment of the Statutes of the SEC international expressed with the last General Assembly of Pescia (articles 4.23 and 24.27 and 28) and if required to propose other amendments.
  • to refer, on their computer, with the web site of the French Center at the address : in order to become acquainted with its structure and the methods of its operation.
  • to refer to the report of the last General Assembly of Pescia in appendix which indicates which are the projects of the SEC international for 2017.

2. Presentation of the web site of the French Center

Michèle Favreau points out the conditions under which this website was conceived and recently restored, following a hacking. The use of this web site is in everyone’s opinion, in addition to a necessary recruitment campaign of new members, the instrument par excellence of the revival of the Center.

3. Next meeting

Subject to modifications, subsequent meeting of the Center will take place at the end of 2016 or at the beginning of 2017, for the preparation of the nearest General Assembly of the SEC in theory in Berlin during the first half of the year.

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