List of french Center conferences

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EUROPEAN COMPANY OF CULTURE 30133 Venice Giudecca 54 P. tel : 041/5230210 Fax : 041/5231033 French center of the S.E.C Presidents : Henri BARTOLI |1990-2002| | 1990-1993 | 1993-1996 | 1996-1999 | 1999-2002 | Dominique LEROY |2002-2016| | 2002-2005 | 2005-2008 | 2008-2011 | 2011-2014 | 2014-2017 | CONFERENCES OF THE FRENCH CENTER (1990-2017) Room of the Council of the

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Activities – January 2014

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Circular letter of Cosima CAMPAGNOLO I-30133 Venice, Giudecca 54 P (Calle Michelangelo, Villa Heriot) Phone 041/5230210 – Fax 041/5231033 All members Dear members of the European society of Culture, It is with great pleasure that we take the opportunity of these first weeks of the year for you to give a brief account of our

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SEC in short

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EUROPEAN COMPANY OF CULTURE The European Company of Culture has for origin the idea, put forward by the Italian philosopher Umberto Campagnolo the shortly after the Second World War, of a stable organization calling the men of culture, whatever their discipline and whatever their membership, with an awakening interdependent and the exercise of their responsibility, whereas the crisis of

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Activities of the SEC

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SPHERES OF ACTIVITY Who are the men of cultures ? Arts and techniques Letters and philosophy Social sciences Science Policy Religions SEC | Who are we ? | Home


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Become a member of the European society of Culture The french Center membership The French Center of the S.E.C. is an association non-profit law of 1901 who lives through the contributions of its members. Your membership is vital. To join the french Center, just pay an annual fee of 50 € (of which a portion

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The French Centre

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History of creation and of the activities of the S.E.C Create in 1950 by the philosopher Umberto Campagnolo, the S.E.C has as an aim, by affirming the need for a food-growing policy, to consolidate the values of civilisation, to work with the intercultural dialogue, the practice of the tolerance and the peacekeeping. The S.E.C engaged

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15th edition 2010 PREMISE During ten glosses of life, work and experiment, the European Company of Culture had amply the occasion to put to the test the thought which inspires it and the goals which legitimate its existence. Its history, in addition, shows that she lived, that she acted and that she developed in a

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