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The European Company of Culture has for origin the idea, put forward by the Italian philosopher Umberto Campagnolo the shortly after the Second World War, of a stable organization calling the men of culture, whatever their discipline and whatever their membership, with an awakening interdependent and the exercise of their responsibility, whereas the crisis of Europe and the disorder of the civilisation made absolutely necessary that they tie dialogue and together engage for research of a beneficial exit to the world-wide crisis.

Over the years, the European Company of Culture did not cease carrying out the analysis of the dominant trends of the news, beyond criticisms and of the easy and sterile denunciations, and seeking ways favorable to the advent of a civilisation of the values, not antagonistic with the ordinary policy – that of the established order – but in catch on it in order to give him direction and to found it.

Very early, the men of French culture answered the call which was sent to them. André BretonMarc ChagallLouis JouvetFrançois Mauriac, took part in the Committee promoter. In turn, François BédaridaFrançois MauriacAlfred KastlerMaurice SchumannHenri Bartoli assumed the presidency of the French Center. The current president is Dominique Leroy.

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