Executive Concil – June 2016

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Executive council of the SEC Pescia June 17th-19th, 2016 Summary 1. Introductory communication After recall of the transfer of the SEC of Venice to the European University Institute of Florence (its archives) and Pescia (its seat), the Council was informed of the opening of a “house of the SEC” with Pescia around May/June 2017, thanks to the financing

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General meeting – October 2015

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Recrudescence of nationalism in Europe 30ème General Assembly Venice October 2nd-4th, 2015 The state of the EU in 2015 is afflicting : so many walls raised in Hungary, Bulgaria, Greece… true Europe fortress which with no regard for its values pushes back the migrants and even the asylum-seekers… 20,000 victims in the Mediterranean since 2000, 2800

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Activities – January 2014

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Circular letter of Cosima CAMPAGNOLO I-30133 Venice, Giudecca 54 P (Calle Michelangelo, Villa Heriot) Phone 041/5230210 – Fax 041/5231033 All members Dear members of the European society of Culture, It is with great pleasure that we take the opportunity of these first weeks of the year for you to give a brief account of our

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Review Comprendre – March 2013

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Global ethics, dialogue of cultures and the European perspective Review Comprendre n ° 3 From 4 to 7 June 2009 was held in Innsbruck the last plenary session of the SEC in cooperation with the research project Weltethos theorized by the famous theologian Hans Küng. As pointed out in the Introduction’s Vice president Galasso, the framework

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Activities 2011-2012

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EUROPEAN COMPANY OF CULTURE I-30133 Venice, Giudecca 54 P (Calle Michelangelo, Hériot Villa) – Tel. 041/5230210 – Fax 041/5231033 All members, Dear members of European Société of Culture, the present circular letter is a resumption of contact that we have promised ourselves to me to address to you for several months and who is due

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General Meeting – March 2012

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Relationships to the SEC International Ethical challenges of economic globalization Schloss Neuhardenberg March 22nd-25th, 2012 Design. Vis-a-vis the challenges moral, democratic, cultural of economic globalization, three prospects are considered. Initially the return to the values. Owing to the ultraliberalism, deregulation and new technologies of information, a saving in “casino” packed. The cupidity of the financial

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